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How to sell photos on the Internet

How to make money online and sell photos on the Internet?

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Do not miss this moment, this kind of photos can be sold online. Image:
We know that in recent years digital cameras have evolved so rapidly both aspects of processor technology, a variety of features, and a variety of lenses that can make novice photographers more creative. 

The professional photographer would have enjoyed the other side of their world, which they can make money from their activities as a photographer. 

Many of you who have a digital camera and sophisticated smartphone with a camera facility that is reaching the superiority of regular digital camera, even many smartphones that have been equipped with high sensor so that it can produce photographs with high resolution. Are you not aware that collection and stock photos that are stored on a memory card, external hard drive or on a laptop, it turns out you can sell on the Internet? Let’s act now.

It is true that many novice photographers have been able to sell a collection of  photo stocks  or photos of them on the Internet. The cyberspace has become a land of opportunity for anyone in business. You also have the right to enjoy success on the Internet. You do not need to have the most sophisticated and expensive DSLR camera to prove that you can make money by selling the photos on the Internet. At least you have a Prosumer camera or compact-system cameras or a middle class mirrorless camera that might be your choice.

You can even maximize the existing camera on your smartphone. When you walk in your city with the instinct of a photographer you find unique moments, and then you take a photo, then your photo will be the rare photos that are not owned by others.

How does it work?

Are we able to sell unique photographs? 

Each photo can be sold, then the paparazzi can make money because of their rare photographs, and thousands of U.S. dollar appreciated by magazines or tabloids. BBC, Metro TV or CNN, also other famous international television is often buying the photographs to support their news broadcast to the entire world. Actually since antiquity the editors of newspapers and magazines purchased photographs from the photographer or photo agencies or other news agencies and news to serve as illustrations of their articles.

Basically every picture can be sold to generate money, then the paparazzi could make money thanks to their rare photographs, and thousands of U.S. dollar appreciated by magazines or tabloids. CNN, also known international television very often buy the photographs to support their news broadcast to the entire world. Indeed since a long time the editors of newspapers and magazines, also bought the photos from the photographer or photo agencies and other news agencies. They buy those photos to be used as illustrations in their articles or news articles. News or articles are more interesting if a photograph is added, making it more pleasant to look at. This is a great opportunity that you can take to make money on the Internet.
sell photo online, sell pictures online, sell photo on the Internet, make money online, marketing tips, website, photostocks, microstocks, digital camera, business tips, online business
Photographers in action. Image:

You must already know the conventional way to sell your skills as a photographer for example be a wedding photographer, open a photo studio, became an aerial photographer or make photographs for purposes of advertising and billboards. Many of them are photographers who have been experts in their field. You should not have low self-esteem, even though your equipment is just a regular digital camera or a smartphone that you use every day, then you will be able to sell your stock photos on the Internet.

Today has been a lot of websites that can accommodate your photographs and sell the photos to the casual visitor as well as news agencies, television companies, newspapers, magazines and other parties who require certain photographs according to their needs. They even print their favorite photos for display on a wall in their home. You can browse the websites that sell stock photos. Now you can maximize your favorite search engine such as Google or Yahoo so you can join one of the websites that suit your style.

You do not have to be a professional photographer to make money online. If you frequent the roads around your town, and you are delighted shot a photo at a unique event or sudden incident that you encounter, then you definitely will not miss the incident photos. You can suddenly become a photojournalist. Beautiful photos that you take when you are on holiday in Bali, Paris or safari in Kenya can also be sold. Please choose interesting photographs according to your artistic taste.

To make high-quality photographs, we do not always have to do a re-touch and edit photos with special software on your computer or laptop. Unless was forced to, then you simply need to strengthen the image, so greedy sharper. However do not to manipulate the photographs excessively. The original photos and natural pictures are usually more marketable.

How to submit your pictures to the microstock or stock agency website? Images format must be JPEG for all microstock agencies, with image dimensions typically starting from at least 4 megapixels. Typical maximum file size is 15 MB – 20 MB. First of all it means digital editing. Your images must be sharp when viewed at full size (1:1), this way stock editors review your submissions. Please check out the terms and conditions carefully so that your pictures will not be rejected.

How do you make money and receive payment from the photographs that have been successfully sold?

Surely you will be asked about how you earn money from your photographs? Once you join a website that became intermediaries to sell the photos of its members, and then submit your best photos to the website. If your photos are becoming popular, then any photo that is downloaded by a buyer you will get a commission. The more often your photos downloaded by a visitor, the more you get a commission, may also royalty. Method of payment and transaction types is varied. Most stock agencies act as your non-exclusive sale agents, offering your royalty free stock images to the content buyers and keeping you as the only copyright owner.

One of the most common places for photographers to sell their images today is through microstock agencies or photo stocks agency. Terms and conditions prevailing among the website owners may differ from each other, so choose the one company that fits your needs. Some websites require you to pay a membership, but many of them are willing to share the profits with you by any successful photograph sold.

You can withdraw money from them once it reaches a certain amount. They can send a check to your mailbox or any other payment method that has long been known in the Internet, for example, you paid through your virtual account. Please choose the method that is safe and comfortable. All stock photography website has its own rules for when and how payment is made. Commonly you will have to reach a minimum threshold such as $100 dollars before you can request the money from them. Most of the sites will pay you out by a variety of methods such as bank transfer, PayPal or check.

The smart way to sell your pictures is to join up to one or more of the online photo agencies. The main ones that take shots from anyone are: Picturenation, Fotolia, iStockphoto, Alamy, Etsy, DreamsTime, Shutterstock or 123RF. Etsy is a good choice to sell prints to a ready and waiting audience. It does of course have its drawbacks. With microstock sites, you are selling nothing more than a digital file, and the site does all the work for you. Other sites that also popular among photographers is SmugMug. This site gives you an impressive portfolio to showcase your work. One of the few photo sharing sites roommates does not have a free account option, post your work on SmugMug will set you back anywhere from $ 40 to $ 150 per year.

To sell your photos on Fine Art America you can either sign up for a free account, or a pro account for $30 a year. You also sell your stock in Red Bubble site. Red Bubble offers a great way to showcase photos you want to sell. You can sell your pictures as framed prints, or if you want, printed on clothing, and other products. Red Bubble doesn’t charge a fee or take a commission, and instead they set the base price of the product, and let the artist set the price with their own mark up on the base price. 

Please visit the ImageKind website, shows that Fine Art America generates the most traffic and earnings. Of course these aren’t the only options available to you. Sites like DeviantArt also allow photographers to sell prints through their sites. iStockphoto is pay up to three times more commission to their exclusive photographers. In addition to paying more per download to exclusive photographers, Dreamstime also pay an additional bonus for each and every photograph that their exclusive photographers successfully submit to the site. Some stock photo agencies, like Shutterstock and Dreamstime accept royalty free editorial stock photos.

Marketing strategy

Promoting yourself in your own local community is another essential and vital step to driving traffic to your site. It should go without saying that social networks are an important part of your self-promotion. With a Facebook page or a Google+ profile, you can even share a taste of your work straight on the site. Another smart way you can get yourself a bit of promotion is to use sites like PhotoJojo or Geek Sugar’s, Cool Capture Group and PopPhoto. Maximize your Twitter and other social media network to promote your business wisely.
sell photo online, sell pictures online, sell photo on the Internet, make money online, marketing tips, website, photostocks, microstocks, digital camera, business tips, online business
Is she ready to sell photo online? Image:

If you are familiar with the technique of making a website or blog, then you need to create a blog or a website to introduce your photography business nationally and globally. You need an update on your website content on a regular basis.

It is necessary to join the photography community and other forums, so you can get lots of information, tips and solutions in the field of photography, marketing strategy and other aspects to support your business. If you want to get maximum support, then you need to be active in the forum. Every now and then you may put your business link that can be accessed by other members. Perform this procedure wisely, so you are not accused of spamming. Do not tear down reputation and your integrity just because your thirst with busy traffic on your website.

The process takes patience and strength of mind, and requires a bit of thick skin to go with your talent, but working at it should yield positive results. Patience and perseverance is needed because success cannot be achieved by means of immediately. There must be a process that must be passed to reach a true success.

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