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Smart tips on SEO for your website and blog

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When an author blog or website maker , it would be advisable to write good content , proper title and keywords that either blogs or websites created easily recognized by search engines and directories . Activities serve targeted SEO work is a series of processes. Lots of tips and ideas about the process and how this SEO work.

Maybe you feel confused, but you can learn from books on the subject, even many SEO forums on the Internet. This article was prepared for beginners in order to get an idea about the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Take advantage of all the resources as well as possible.

Why SEO is so important and what is its purpose? Among so that you get high sales, high traffic, reached globally, renowned fast, and can make you richer. Find out more:

As we know, every owner of a blog or website certainly want to get thousands of visitors every day, so a website or blog they became famous and certainly could make thousands of dollars or thousands of Euros every month. If we got a website or blog visitors we expect them to read the content, understanding the content of the blog, do click or transaction, so that our efforts to stay up when doing updates on our website will be paid by visitors is increasing every day, even every second .

Do you feel disappointed with the lack of visits on your site? You are not alone; I also experienced the same thing. Because of that, I ended up staying up and do a serious search through a search engine. On this occasion I share the gist that I get from various websites on tips and solutions that blog or website telling us more and more crowded, and your dreams can come true for a holiday to Bali or watch Andrea Bocelli concert in Portofino.

SEOMoz, SEO tips, high traffic, SEO strategy, SEO services, good content, good keywords, Google keyword, search engine, high visitors, blog visitors, website traffic
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Perhaps you have a dream to buy an apartment, a villa and a sports car, perhaps a nice set of home theater or a digital camera in addition to a sophisticated smartphone, so let’s learn the SEO methods.

Without a doubt, I quote a few tips and solutions that will presumably increase the visitors on your sites, as follows:

1.    Write good content regularly: Popular blogs develop huge readerships primarily because the content is awesome. They also choose good keywords. This must be your first and foremost step. You should be clear with your goals that what keywords you want to play around with. This depends on what you want to gain by your online presence and venture. Make list or the potential keywords and check competition of keywords. 

Please remember: Content quality is your primary onsite SEO consideration. Always write a unique and catchy Meta description tag, with a call to action if applicable, for your post, as it will attract more click-troughs.

There are plenty of tools available out there, but we recommend trying out tools like Traffictravis first. You can try the tools like SEOMoz keyword difficulty and SERPIQ keyword competition analysis tool. Both the tools deliver the fantastic result and cut down considerable work required in doing competition analysis as well as keyword competition analysis. You may do searching on Google, so you can get more tips on SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term process that requires almost daily maintenance.

2. Title. Keep the character count under 70 and preferably under 66. Use various plug-in available for various content management platforms for SEO. If you are a new in the WordPress, so you should start with WordPress SEO plug-in by Yoast to make on page SEO as much better as they can. You can discover many third-party paid options available in the market, but we do not recommend using them.

3. Good website design. Almost as important as great content is great design, so your website or blog needs to be both attractive and usable. High-quality photographs or illustrations are a big plus. Maximize your digital camera to create photos, so you can put them on your blog or website, however don't to put too much pictures to make your sites faster. Don't make your visitor upset to wait your blog loading.
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Professional SEO consultants can help to increase your website rank. 
4. Social sharing on social media network: Good bloggers love their own content, so they’re not shy to share it around when they create something new. They put it up on Facebook, BlackBerry Messenger, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. These activities will make more people start reading, sharing, and commenting. If you are lucky, your visitors will spread your website to their friends around the world. Do not forget to share your new post to your friends and family by E-Mail, a conventional way to marketing your sites, but very useful.

5.  Interlinking.  Interlink all your related post; make sure your link contains keyword. Don’t link too deep and same keywords more than two times. If you are linking to other website (outbound links) always make sure that site you are linking to is a “Good Site”. Remember; please don’t link your website to spam sites.

6. Website Submission. Please do not forget to submit your site to the major search engines. Create an XML site map and make sure the search engines can find your site map. You can use Google’s webmaster’s tools to verify your sitemap is being read correctly: Submit your website/blog to Bing and other Search Engine like Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex,  and so on. 

Without the SEO, then your website will be harder recognized by the search engine. 

 Listing your website in DMoz can take more than a year but if you succeed, then it will boast your overall ranking. There are many web directories where you can list your website free of cost. If you have enough money, you can submit your website to professional website submissions services.

There’s been a very positive trend this year toward thinking about marketing much more broadly – not as a tactic to trick people into liking you, but as the natural extension of building a better mousetrap.  If you do something amazing and you believe in it, everything you do is marketing. Stop taking shortcuts and make a real resolution in 2014 to think hard about what you do and why it has value. If you understand your value proposition, content and marketing naturally flow out of that.

SEO plug-in, SEO tips, high traffic, SEO strategy, SEO services, good content, good keywords, Google keyword, search engine, high visitors, blog visitors, website traffic, website submission, marketing tips
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Special reminder: Creating an HTML sitemap is an essential part of your SEO endeavors. This confirms you that search engine crawlers are crawling the site properly.

Your first SEO priority is to write useful, relevant and authoritative content for human readers, because that is what Google is looking for.

Please understand that Search Engines can’t read DHTML menus quite easily, so avoid them in your menu. Also, try to maintain HTML to text ratio. Having too many HTML makes the ratio high which is often undesired. Make sure your robots.txt file is configured correctly to include and exclude the appropriate directories and files on your website. This file instructs search engines that which portion of your site is not accessible to search engines.

Note: This article was prepared also from various reliable sources which can be found on the Internet. If you want to deepen more about SEO, you can use the search engine such as Google, Yahoo and so on with ease. You will get to understand the theory, tactics and strategies to increase the number of visitors on your blog or website.

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